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Holidays are usually a pretty expensive thing. Make sure that the final costs do not exceed your provisions due to unexpected incidents or illnesses before or after departure.

If your preoccupation is medical treatment abroad, we cordially invite you to on-line subscribe a travel insurance via our partner DKV Luxembourg (LINK) for 0.75€ per day abroad. There is no other insurance which may compete with this performing cover for such a price.

As for the reimbursement of cancellation fees, we could rather compound an individual package per holiday, for which I kindly invite you to fill out the quote request on the right (Attention: this kind of insurance must be concluded 15 days before departure) or simply fix an annual maximum amount covering all your deposit fees cumulatively.

Let's take 5000€ for example. If you can't take the plane to the US in March due to a decease in your family, the planes ticket-price will be reimbursed. Considering a ticket price of 1000€, you still have a budget of 4000€ left over the next 9 months for other holidays which you may not attempt because of unpredictable circumstances.


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