12 February 2018 Degano Consulting is now on-line!

To meet the expectations of the 21st century, we finally decided to go on-line to explain our activity as consultants in the insurance domain and beyond. By the end of 2018, our Internet site will hopefully be available in French, German and, of course, LUXEMBOURGISH!

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Under Insurance (property and casualty), something you should really AVOID

Did you know that, since the decline of iron ore mining in the 1970s, Luxembourg's economy is based upon the financial sector (mainly banking and insurance sectors) and is considered the premier captive reinsurance market in the European Union?

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Third party or civil liability – what does this mean?

Civil liability refers to the right of someone to sue another person for damages such as injuries, property damage or financial loss.

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Cars Insurance

Roadkill, which happens with increasing frequency due to deforestation, goes hand in hand with a grievous damage on your car. It would be a shame to sustain a total loss, wouldn't it?

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Life & Death Insurance

Touching a large bulk of money once you knock on heaven's door. That's the common outdated definition of a life insurance.

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Travel Insurance

Holidays are usually a pretty expensive thing. Make sure that the final costs do not exceed your provisions due to unexpected incidents or illnesses before or after departure.

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Home Insurance

No matter if you rent a studio or own a Castle, accommodation is a fundamental right! Make sure to insure it!

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Legal Protection

We want to guarantee your rights! We support and defend your interests in private, employment, property and motoring matters!

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Health Insurance

Being burdened by expenses for preventive care or medical bills as a result of an illness or accident may have significant impacts on your finances. We help you lower, or even erase this risk!

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Property Management

Excellent property management doesn’t cost. It pays.

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