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In over 40 years in trustful insurance guidance, we’ve probably solved a million and one problems. We realized that among others, one of the most common places for issues to gather is joint ownership. Constantly changing legislation in co-proprietary right, people being each others own devil and the uneasy feeling being left alone with an annual statement of accounts and perhaps provisions for next year’s maintenance costs to bear, lead us to the conclusion that guidance, matchless service and transparency service are needed than never before.


DIVIDED CO-OWNERSHIP (CONDOMINIUM), as the name implies, permits the division of a building into fractions. A fraction may belong to one or more persons. Each owner of a fraction has the exclusive ownership of a private portion of the immovable, and has an undivided right of ownership, that is, a share proportionate to the relative value of his fraction, in the common portions of the immovable. The common portions belong to all the co-owners. The big question is : under WHAT circumstances, WHICH work affecting WHAT part of the common portions, can be done by WHICH provider. And WHEN? Just rest your head and maximize the profitability of your life. We’ll take care of this. Just make sure to express your approval (or disapproval) once a year for a well-organized general assembly either in person or by mandate.


Administrative management, bookkeeping and finance, action in case of disputes, negotiating with providers, gathering quotes, general assemblies, personal advice, compliance with housing regulations and property law, contracting with third parties, managing tenants and many more. We know that what works in one building, may not be the solution for another. Depending on the joint ownership’s autonomy, (opening the door for plumbers for example), we’ll elaborate some tailor-made offers per property and per landlord.

We solemnly declare that we are not bound to any specific company regarding any kind of work to be done, but we possess a large range of excellent providers we got in contact with due to insurance business and which provide, just as we do, in a glimpse, for unbeatable prices, their services.

To meet the expectations of the 21st century, if individually approved, all communication will be digital which, logically, returns as a decrease of management fees.


You'll be granted on-line access to a portal giving summary information about the current financial statement of the residence itself, your monthly advances, individual costs, subscribed services, all contracts in effect, everything related to the next general assembly and many more. On top of this, you as our customer will be among the first people to witness the next generation of property management and explore an application about to be launched soon in collaboration with KronStudio SARL.

Looking for a quote? In order for us to prepare a realistic price offer, we'll need answers to the following questions:

  • How many main private properties (flats) are in the residence?
  • How many landlords?
  • Are there any legal disputes to resolve?
  • What is the complete address?
  • What are the salaries to be paid (gardener, janitor, security guard, and so on)?
  • What is the approximate date of construction?

Please be aware that in case of a change in co-ownership management, this offer must be approved during general assembly. In case there has never been a property manager, the last general assembly’s written report must contain the co-ownership request to hire a professional property manager.


A simple gesture or a word and we will turn all your concerns absurd

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