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Degano Consulting

Touching a large bulk of money once you knock on heaven's door. That's the common outdated definition of a life insurance.

Nowadays we can go far beyond this pure, let's call it worst-case, or pure death insurance in offering more than two dozen different kinds of life insurances.

As a "full Casco" on your body is not that easily concluded as an all risk policy on your car, we'd ask you to schedule an appointment with us to go through several of our insurance products in order to allow you to pick the one which suits you the best.

Depending on the insured amount in the worst case and/or the duration of your contract, you'll be sent to a doctor for a little check (we'll be paying for his fees of course). Depending on the results, we might apply an extra insurance premium to cover the risk of sudden death.


A simple gesture or a word and we will turn all your concerns absurd

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