Civil liability refers to the right of someone to sue another person for damages such as injuries, property damage or financial loss.

Article 1382, 1383 and 1384 of Civil Law says that one must respond to every action causing to somebody else a damage (no matter if it occurred by negligence, carelessness or imprudence) and "repair" this very damage. As well if this very damage is due to one's children or animals. "Repair" is written under quotation marks because fixing a moral damage for example is pretty difficult.

All in all, a Civil Liability Insurance covers yourself against claims from people outside your household!

If your child breaks a window while playing foot, your civil liability will pay for a new window! If you visit us in our office in Merl and throw my phone off the desk, your civil liability will pay for a new screen of mine.

Watch out, there are still some exclusions! If I gave you my phone in your proper handy to inspect it, in this case my phone would be considered an "entrusted object" and be excluded from the cover provided by your Civil Liability! Same case if I lend you my car! This one will not be covered by your Civil Liability!

In professional domains, people must be aware of this term!

  • let's say restaurants for example which take care of people's coats in a closet and which could by mischance lose people belongings somehow, or
  • painter, which get entrusted with rooms they are supposed to work in and where they could carelessly break some furniture.

For any specific questions about what is, and what could be insured under casual Civil Liability Polices, please let us know!

Under Insurance (property and casualty), something you should really AVOID

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